I started journaling 1st January 2019.

As cheesy as it sounds, it was a new year resolution and my motivation was Through. The. Roof! There were so many things that I WANT to achieve by the end of 2019. So as a member of the enthusiastic, demanding, high spirited millennials, I was swifted by the modern dream that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE without realizing that THAT everything is possible only if you fulfill your spiritual needs first — oh well there you go another millennial buzz, the “spiritual fulfillment” oriented lifestyle with it’s own starter kit of daily consumptionof green tea, avocado breakfasts and aesthetic Instagram posts and hashtags. hate to break it to you but spiritual need is NOT THAT.

It turns out that 2019 was the year of me processing the need of my own spiritual learning. Knowing what to fill in your cup is not gained, but learned. And it took me a year to realize that. I only understood this because every single piece of the “how-tos” blogs just doesn’t resonate, be it effective. Hey, i too, thought that I was the problem.

The reason why it may not work for you too is because the every person’s cup is different.

This is not an article to tell you what you need to fill your shell, but how to do so. There is no textbook steps to learn this and believe it or not. You are the first step. You don’t really know yourself as much as you think you do. Start by getting to know yourself first. Yup it is undeniable that a sudden add of journaling to your routine can be rather “too much” for you lazy meatballs. Therefore, create a mental notes of why you make your daily decisions, why did you decide to be angry or happy, is it worth it, are you able to live without reading the latest celebrity gossips? ANALYZE. There it is. The first step.

See you later .